It started as a wild idea

And then we thought, why not make it serious? The idea was to create locally-inspired products ‘Singaporean’ enough to bring back as a souvenir yet fun enough to wear, right here in Singapore - something which we couldn’t find so we decided to create our own.

Our products

LOVE SG is about great-looking goods with Singapore-centric designs. We draw our inspiration from all things in our backyard which give our country its distinct identity, be it intriguing laws which may seem peculiar to outsiders, or local lingo which leaves foreigners scratching their heads.

Designed locally, LOVE SG incorporates a quirky part of Singapore into each product, blending local flavour with international appeal. We know you’d also appreciate the clever details and quality of our goods which represent our approach to the conventional idea of the ubiquitous souvenir: bold, cheeky and slightly surprising.

Let us know

What dawns upon you as you trawl through our site? We’d love to hear what you love, what you want more of, and what you could do without.