"Design-driven with a generous serving of wit — check out LOVE SG's very inspired and very Singaporean products."

"A laksa - splattered tee? Like. The I Love Laksa tee is a fab inside joke for locals who love the spicy noodle soup, as well as a great souvenir for tourists who've been told they have to try Singaporean laksa."

"Because there's nothing better than having Merlion ice cubes swimming in your cocktail, before you do the Merlion hurl. Also good for making agar-agar and chocolates featuring your favourite lion-fish hybrid creature."

"Brighten up dull textbook mugging with these fun highlighters. Like that your exam you sure steady pom pipi."


"From a gravy-splattered "I Love Laksa" T-shirt to a "Fine City" badge set, the playful and contemporary traits of his products set them apart from those already on the market."


"Jazz up your stationery stash with these creative paperclips, which have been fashioned into the outlines of local icons such as the Sir Stamford Raffles status and the Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay."

"When Singapore marks its 47th birthday on Thursday, show your patriotism by sporting merchandise from home-grown souvenir shop LOVE SG."


"Finally, a range of Singapore souvenirs that don't look like they've been purchased at a flea market or the airport. LOVE SG's designs — a notebook with an oversaturated photo of the Raffles statue on the cover, and line drawings of the Esplanade and Flyer on a luggage tag — are cool enough to use right here or as a gift for an out-of-towner."


"LOVE SG's Hungry Liao tee might cost a little extra, but is basically every foodie's inner monologue - mine included. With so many local classics in one list, it's no wonder reading this shirt is going to get anyone's tummy rumbling."


"Think there's nothing tackier than a souvenir T-shirt? With T-shirts, luggage tags and notebooks inspired by our fine island, LOVE SG will prove you wrong."


"From now on, this will be the only shirt I wear when I eat the local dish. I can even make it unique with bona fide splatters."

"Inscribed with colloquial phrases you'd definitely have heard growing up, this accessory is subtly witty; the perfect blend of conventional and novel. If roses and chocolates were the MRT, these bracelets would be that impatient uncle at the kopitiam shouting your orders. Both iconic, but one just has that added flair."


"Wear this T-shirt to your favourite laksa stall and tuck in with no worries. After all, even if you get some laksa soup on it, the splatters will look like they belong."


"Feel homesick when you're on the road? This luggage tag will remind you of Singapore any time."


"Avoiding kitsch for cute, this range of collar pins will make perfect accessories for a dapper dresser's wardrobe."

"The iced gems drawstring bag is sure to draw looks on the street and leave you craving for the old school Singaporean snack."


"We love the kooky paraphernalia at that features Singapore-centric designs complete with local flavour and humour! Be it puzzling laws or unique lingo, each piece from statement tees to nifty travel accessories is bona fide uniquely Singapore."



"These fun and edgy T-shirts from LOVE SG are an alternative to the usual Singapore souvenir."


"We like the tongue-in-cheek references on the tees — now whoever said Singaporeans are too straight-laced to laugh at themselves?"


"Keep drinks extra cool with a Merlion-shaped ice tray. The silicone mould is also great for making chocolates and jellies."


"Guard your documents, cards and cash in a locally inspired leather carrier."


"Why settle for conventional paper clips when you could've gotten these whimsical icons? These little guys are modelled after the nation's historical landmarks like Changi Airport and key attractions like the Merlion."


"Designed to look like our local currency, this quirky coaster set will inject a little tongue-in-cheek humour into your home. Plus, who can resist having money on the table?"